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Horror movie scraps
Percolating coffee.
{Beginning, science team noting distortions in clouds and accounting it to local contaminants from pollution country, discussion of scientific rigor and particulars of mission}
{Investigate The Grove for disappearances and discrepancies}
{Approached by deer, have wonderful day, discussion of magics and other local superstitious nonsense}
{Day two}
{Encounter ill man rambling about Grove being evil}
{Do blood test work, display on max screen hologram for team mutual observance as microbial study begins}
{Blood is strained through with miniature machines, which violently consume the petri dish, blood, and a portion of the table in seconds after observation begins, culminating in a solid rod of them appearing as though from nowhere lancing through the scholar's eye}
{Body twitches for seconds, begins screaming, STOPS abruptly as machines consume internal organs behind optical orifice and skin, collapses over table as shapes warp the flesh and eventually rip it}
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Pg 1 by DarthVengeance0325
Mature content
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Terra Notes: Wedding colors
Having had the good fortune to survive the annihilation of my fellow archivists by the hunters, I set out to recover what scraps I could of such basic detailing as Outsiders would require to understand the place and mentality of the various Races and regards and customs that they would face in a world such as ours; but I have not had such luck in the search itself as I have had in being alive to do it. What paltry recreations of the material I and my assistants could provide have already been displayed here, there, elsewhere, and yon, but further research into your language has stymied, if not entirely barred, some elements of the works.
It is somewhat to my discredit that the latest work then is not a treatise on the Dwarven empires or the exploits of Aridimes or even the natures of the various subcountries that surround and permeate the World Government, but rather, a simple disclosure on wedding practices and attires.
The which I will attend to telling you without further ado, if, i
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Spirit Soaring
(After Desdemona discussion, a fonder goodbye than anticipated even if corrected as to overly-naïve notions,) Cauren returns to the ship and takes the controls herself with nothing more than the desire to fly. No destination, no plans, no thinking- just motion. Singing along, feeling the sound of the music of time and space mingling in the spheres all around and in and beyond her, stars rushing and twinkling and spinning in their own dances as she flits the curtain of the velvet curtain of blacks and blues and boundless color they rest in like diamond, low and strong and sweet in her bones and high and melodic and Aeolian in her ears. And here, tangible, palpable Fate one can taste in the mouth with ambrosia sweetness and bloody bitter metal, it comes- the moment when she knew she'd never be the same again.
In those power chords, those endless and eternal lights and nights brighter than any planet's day, she found her place in the worlds tonight. Heart and soul, hand and bone, eye
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The Lesbros, Cosineau Clan from ZFRP by DarthVengeance0325 The Lesbros, Cosineau Clan from ZFRP :icondarthvengeance0325:DarthVengeance0325 4 1
A familiar sad old story, reconsidered
The following is, between the noises and reactions of illness, the story which the half breed knight spins for you, adjusted so as to not reflect the conditions of the speaker.
I will admit it plainly that it is more complicated than merely restoring freedom or ensuring survival. These are both immediate and noble goals, but they are not the whole of the situation, nor indicitive of it. Were they, any fool could see that to not act rationally would be to get what's coming to them; but it is complicated by addiction, merchantilism, and belief, to a huge extent.
If we start at the beginning...
Imagine a world.
Picture it without disease, decay, fungi- the transience of death and the lingering of entropy. A garden paradise where waste turns into useful material- a dagger, slipped from a belt, sprouting into a bush of iron, or a picket line of fences grown from an idly tossed coin. Not to mention spoor to dirt, although I'm told it happens much the same way in your own manure manufacture-
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Terran Tales #12- An Ancient Player
When you Wish me I will be.
So shall be our Covenant.
But all I Am is at your disposal.
And you shall define the who, the what, the why, the how, and the wherewithal of that which I Am.
From before your world, I come, but from neither the Heavens nor Hells, Planes or Abysses, Worlds or Voids, Star or Space or Time. I Am, and so simply it has been, and is, and will be. And neither god nor man nor devil be, but that and all that I Am, along with much that I Am not, is at your service.
And my reward in turn will be this:
I shall at last experience a happier world for my troubles on your behalves, where the many have peace and joy, where there are no few granted all, where there is an end of divisiveness and corruption.
For so long as you reign, I will seek this in all your trials and efforts, and aid you with every call you make upon me. This is the promise, the gift and reward and requirement, all. This will I sow.

"But who are you?" asked the purple swathed king in turn.
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ZFRP Advertisement
As I kick the dust off my boots and prepare to settle back in for a few months into the old dens, I cannot help but feel it is of stars and not of earthly matters, for all that the old leather is grimed with flecks of long dried blood beside it. In my absence, things have changed, and strangely, stayed very much the same, it seems. I have not returned to stay, not entirely, but to speak of stranger things and brighter dreams than those in the glass museums we dwell within for the sake of our deviance meeting community and art.
To talk, however briefly, of what and where and why I migrated, and intend fully to do so, again.
Let us start with a premise.
Call insanity a place. Fill it with an origin of having been founded to watch mutated, augmented, and batshite imaginary variations of animals duel to demise for the entertainment of wild minded entrepreneurs and mad scientists, with mutants and behemoths being mere flavors of a day- and some outright as hilariously silly as others were o
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Brainstorming thoughts for a Bree
Through the pane of the revolving mirror of the mind's eye, a figure forms, at first a silhouette and then slowly- almost imperceptibly- details flush with life and lush with intricacies.
-If- one is fortunate, a character comes full formed on their own, but more often a writer experiences the tendency to pick and match traits that feel as though they work. Sometimes we redact a detail, or splice one on later with editing. In either extent, a good writer can manage to tailor their various attributes to what their intended role is to be, and the best of us can make someone who is not a stereotype for their role but would not be questioned within it.
There are times one deliberately makes something or someone as out-of-place in a niche as one can to increase dramatic value, of course, but the joke wears thin very swiftly.
Now, then, enough fore-ramble. The actual prompt given is this:
"Basically: our RP is going to include a character who is an angel. Like, "from Heaven, servant of God"
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Let's -Try- To Play: (Insert Here)
Screw your courage to the sticking place and project your voice as if speaking for effect, rather than your normal mutters. Plug the microphone, triple check the programs, prepare warning disclaimers. Initiate procedures to begin.
Tragedy strikes!
You spoke for an hour and thirty five minutes by the game save clock, and it only recorded the two minutes on the launcher. Don't despair, sore throat-ed thespian, don't leave off angry. At least you learned from your mistake that it reads the launcher and application separately.
But again, disaster, on take and game two!
It saved some flimsy endeavor at video (though full sound from game); unfortunately, you didn't turn on the microphone option in application, and the game itself is entirely too distorted to make out a word of text on the recording for all you do to try to clarify the image. But hey- at least you learned there, too. How silly, self, to try soliloquy to a non-receptive program!
Pained by your previous mistakes, you set aside
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"So you see, Rendil, the question is simple. When does a knife beat energized armor plate and a blaster rifle?"
A shrug.
"Why, when the knife is in before the victim has either on their person."
With a shunk and a tearing slash, the nearly-headless body rolled to the floor in an increasingly red stain.
"Now, when does energized armor plate and a blaster rifle beat Senate Security?" dressed the assailant, "Why, equally simple- when no one knows their owner is deceased."
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Art trade, part one
Correspondance from the desk of a known galactic criminal, to unfortunate subordinates
These are not my research notes.
This is not a professional thesis with proper terminology and application of specific term-and-circumstance provided, and if any fellow scientists laugh at it they have every right.
No, this paper is grossly simplified- some would say grotesquely simplified- for you delightful cretins in my service. I won't strain you overlong with extensive example, distended word, or diagram. I will get the point across and if you still haven't the point I'll simply have you put upon one.
Am I clear.
I never could remember if a rhetorical in writ merited an actual question mark or not but that is not the point. The point is, rather the points are, these. These below.
Fellow scholars may laugh at the idea that a few mere noises could invoke power, calling it superstition, fancy, idiocy and worse, but so much of our own tech today incorporates principles and functions even the
:icondarthvengeance0325:DarthVengeance0325 2 7
Let us see
Do you know that moment when your conceptualization finally falls through, and you begin to wonder in the foggy pins and needles what is actually there? Like an illusion dispelled or a glamour dissipating, dream and delusion dissolving and showing- ready or not- that you were wrong. It happens more often than I should like to me, but that is a cost of a wild imagination met with a poor sense of reality.
Take this website, for example.
For the entirety of my time here, I took 'community' more seriously than 'galleries'; in essence, I perceived it as a sort of bazaar where one could commingle, haggle, display wares but have a business oriented entirely toward the people. Without communication a bazaar is dead, and thus I felt very often that I was producing undesirables. This compounded personal issues and made some times, and me at some times, very unpleasant.
But what I am beginning to be made to understand is that 'gallery' is more serious than 'community', and it is, instead, rather
:icondarthvengeance0325:DarthVengeance0325 0 10
Without warning you are cast into what has been deemed 'The Plane of Suck', an infinite and boundless realm devoid of feature or detail. There is light enough to see from some unknown source, but there is nothing to be seen with it- simply an endless and unvarying blank whiteness in all directions, to all horizons, or as best as that can be said for a place where neither the surface you stand upon nor the sky-ceiling above has so much as a line to mark their separation.
It is entirely possible you have walked up into what was the roof when you arrived already without thinking about it, for there are no slopes, no solidity, no walls, no illusions of gravity and no freedoms of falling.
These things, however, you have been able to determine.
Firstly, the Plane of Suck is insofar as you can tell truly infinite, although you admit without any features or landmarks there isn't any possible way you could measure it. You could very well have wandered the same mile from every perspective instea
:icondarthvengeance0325:DarthVengeance0325 1 5
In traditions from time immemorial, consuming another (whether flesh, soul, or whole), granted one the being's power. Our gods have done it. Our monsters do it. Many of our forebears and their foes were known to do it- or was just that my family?
For some, that is the real appeal- manifestations of power. Of dominance. Someone that can, on a whim, alter or take someone's life- or the very nature of what life is for someone else, even potentially their afterlife.
Not the hungers themselves, though those serve their role.
Vorare, shortened to 'vore', means to devour, to consume. You may recognize it from such words as voracity.
It is utilized in such words as 'carnivore', 'omnivore', and 'herbivore' in our science. Carn, Carne, and Carni mean 'flesh' and 'meat', and the sensuous term 'carnality' stems from the same- the 'fleshly desires'. In many ways, this stems into our broader topic because of the view some take that the act of predation (carnivorism) can be carna
:icondarthvengeance0325:DarthVengeance0325 3 9
Certain friend(s)
Look to see the beauty there
Whether clothed or often bare
Singing songs of subjects strong:
A lovely twisted melody.
And such we call the lady there
Of sharpened teeth and long dark hair
Who sweetly sighs of eaten eyes
And shredded flesh in hidden lairs
And folk devoured live, oft whole,
Or pleasures with a wicked toll,
Or bodies shaped and oddly changed
Or giantkin well and deranged-
She speaks the stories of the strange
And whispers lies in loving guise
Or happy tidings falsely utters
While emotion elsewhere lies
And hates indeed some things she mutters.
But the Lady relishes too
Things of horrors through and through
And kind can be, if she should see,
What she percieves as decency.
Then look you now and listen well
To hear what Worlds the Wordss will tell
And whether Heavens, Homes, or Hells
You'll learn of Twisted Melody.
And though she was the melancholy
Fierce joy suspends catastrophe
And moonlight pendants at the shore
May indicate Melody's door.
Take never my word but learn yo
:icondarthvengeance0325:DarthVengeance0325 6 33
That people actually seem to like my work on occasion is a constant surprise.


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Percolating coffee.

{Beginning, science team noting distortions in clouds and accounting it to local contaminants from pollution country, discussion of scientific rigor and particulars of mission}

{Investigate The Grove for disappearances and discrepancies}

{Approached by deer, have wonderful day, discussion of magics and other local superstitious nonsense}

{Day two}

{Encounter ill man rambling about Grove being evil}

{Do blood test work, display on max screen hologram for team mutual observance as microbial study begins}

{Blood is strained through with miniature machines, which violently consume the petri dish, blood, and a portion of the table in seconds after observation begins, culminating in a solid rod of them appearing as though from nowhere lancing through the scholar's eye}

{Body twitches for seconds, begins screaming, STOPS abruptly as machines consume internal organs behind optical orifice and skin, collapses over table as shapes warp the flesh and eventually rip it}

{Terrified team seal advanced medical away vehicle this is taking place in and activate cryogenic countermeasures to freeze anything mobile within, place contaminated man in stasis after questioning as well, attempt call to outside}

{Call fails; argument over whether to return straight to ship or attempt repairs, prevailed over by third argument, in which study leader decides this is the most likely candidate culpable for what they're here to investigate already ie abductions now likely murders, and to explore to expose the best way to deal with the machinations of whatever is motivating the machines}

{Dose of machines successfully surveyed after capture in wild in swarm form; revealed to be basic construction units responsible for assisted medical purposes and emergency armoring, incapable of either tactical damage or complex deconstruction-or-absorption despite very clearly shapeshifting and attacking colleague and likely the sample man}

{Further study reveals machines have innovated ways to fool the perception of the eye; although they appear black and gray like ash if not deliberately working, they array themselves in such a way as to emulate the properties of normal solid objects' color mirroring at will on the molecular level upwards, thus being able to change color and texture with their subatomic motions as they elect- in simpler terms, making themselves look green, or, with more effort, an array of greens and shapes in a thickness and feel that would feel to an unaware comerby like a palm tree's canopy, if they wished}

{Old hermit attempts to warn off science team, pleading that It is a passive thing, usually almost benign, preferring to study in peace. Reveals local legend that these particular machines have been here for only about three years and are profoundly touched by the influence of a deceased owner, one slaughtered during a raging battle despite such a bizarre affinity as to obfuscate them from their functions and turn them into war machines despite no tools or programs to explain the transitioning into claws and cannons; lacking the identity of that warrior, apparently consumed in death by the devices themselves in a moment of confusion spurred by that wrath, It fled to reconsolidate and try to find new purpose. She left it curiosity, inspiration, and imagination beyond its capabilities, almost guiding from beyond, but the machines, he definitely insists, are not possessed by the dead one.}

{If anything, they look for that ghost, or, at the least, to replace her, slowly and steadily acclimating to each climate and ecosystem reached and emulating them. She hesitated, and died, when startled by a lover; It avoids hesitation, connection, and frantic action entirely. Its hunger is filled more slowly, patiently, lovingly, watching, becoming, integrating.}

{Confronted on machines killing colleague; hermit is surprised, but not shocked. It has learned to prefer privacy. You have decided It is a problem that will have to be dealt with. Learning more about It would hinder Its efforts to do the same.}

{Leave It alone.}

{Point weapons at the old fellow, a long black tear slowly dripping from his eye. "So be It"}

{Brutal deaths, the Grove alive with limbs and blades and hooks as trees and animals alike turn into strange and terrible shifting constructs and abominations as the security team with the scientists try vainly, and extremely briefly, to contain the situation}

{Survivors make it back aboard, begin preparations to depart without clearance, communications still down. "It waits patiently to learn" Dead from the very start, thousands of the machines in their lungs the moment they touched atmosphere, waiting, patiently, observing. Testing their reactions to active stimuli and antagonism. Memorizing the motions and movements to utilize their armor and weapons. Finally, as they realize all too late, taking in how to successfully pilot a ship.}

{The gaping cavities through their chests are there for only moments before the rest is subsumed, and a hand flips through the neophyte's guide to space travel and communication protocol installed in the dash. "Communications are malfunctioning; request permission to leave for repairs and signal boosting equipment; may be ghosting signals"}

{The entire Grove, one massive gray goo of gelatinous seeming machinery when not separated into billions of tiny intrinsic tasks to pretend at being a full ecosystem of flora and fauna, separates into five identical starships with concentration and flies away, in just close enough tandem to keep up the excuse given.}

{Ambassadorial foray the next month over after  failure to return reveals a previously non-existent canyon four miles broad and almost two and a half deep where the Grove used to be, while a starport experiences inquisitorial inspection after bizarre events stalled communications and shipments}

{Machines trickle slowly into place. "Sorry to have to keep you, I had to put my face on and be presentable," to the hologram...}
Horror movie scraps
Maybe one day I'll actually bother to write all that out, but for now, meh. 

Not that I expect most anyone will take notice or care, a few old dears aside. But this is the ugly mug. :U If you're petrified, I know it's working, and that's why those crickets are chirping. 

Also, Grey Wardens, because DA OBSESSION NEVER REALLY DIES

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